Choosing Your New Mobile Phone

download (3)So you’re buying a phone – and you’re definitely spoilt for choice these days. With hundreds of phones from all ends of the market flooding the market, even after screening out phones outside your price range, there’s still a lot of phones to choose from. Here are a few tips that should apply to any mobile phone user when choosing their phone.

1. SMSing and email.
Let’s start with the most obvious feature that any phone should have: simple text messaging. Email is included in most phones these days, although not strictly necessary; I never use my phone for emailing. But if you’re a heavy user, you’ll probably want this on your phone.

2. Speakerphone and headset.
I once decided against buying a phone because of the lack of speakerphone. If you’re doing something that requires both your hands, speakerphone is a great option for comfortably carrying on a long phone conversation. In the same vein, if your phone can use Bluetooth headsets, it makes conversations much easier.

3. Accessories.
Every mobile phone user has little tasks that they wouldn’t mind their phones doing. What sort of accessories do your different choices have available?

Accessories Tips Benefits of Using USB on Hold Players

download (4)Do you love to listen to music? If yes, have you heard of a kind of player called USB on hold players? Well, this kind of player for music is quite popular in the world nowadays. Everybody will try to have one so that they can enjoy music all the time, whenever they want.

Previously, you would listen to songs with the help of a CD player. But CD players are not the best tool now. If you rely on CD players to listen to songs, you will need to wait all the time. As you know, singers will release one album in several months of time and you have to wait for the release of it. And you may not love all the songs in the album – you may love one or two only. Then, when you loop the songs frequently, there may be cracks on those tracks and the quality of music provided will deteriorate.

But the USB players will not give you this kind of troublesome feeling. You can actually download all the songs that you love immediately with the help of some websites. Of course, I am not

10 Tips For Using The Telephone

download (5)As a former telephone system sales person I have listened to many people as they make and receive telephone calls. Some people are really good at it and others need improvement. Today with so many cell phone users calling from just about anywhere we all can be authorities on what makes a good call. We get to listen to multiple strangers making and receiving calls every day. Yuk! I am appalled by the number of people who speak loudly on their cell phones in a public setting. Here are some of my telephone etiquette suggestions for people making calls:

1. Private Place – It is best to make your call from a place where there are no distractions. The place should be quiet-no background noise. If you need to take notes on the call, be sure to have pen and paper available. You want to be able to concentrate completely on what the called person is saying.

2. Be Friendly to the Person Who Answers – Secretaries and assistants are doing their job. Befriend them and they’ll make your work easier. Antagonize them and your call may be ignored. A smile can be

Tips on Starting a Mobile Phone Business

This time that we are in is known as the information age. Everything that you could possible need to know in life can be found on the internet. When people are unable to surf on the net they are doing it on the mobile cell phone. People are not only surfing but talking & text messaging as well. Everyone likes to stay in the loop & the mobile cell phone seems to be the best way.

Crime rates have been up in the last decade & practically everyone carries a cell phone on them. Many parents are also equipping their children for school with mobile phones just to keep peace of mind knowing that they can always reach them to & from school.

There is absolutely no doubt that the mobile cell phone is a booming billion dollar industry.

Here are 5 Tips on Starting a Mobile Cell Phone Business:

1. Sales Experience.

2. Technical Experience.

3. Start Up Capital.

4. Location.

5. Plan.

Sales Experience:

Any sales experience would be an asset. If you are good with communicating with people then you will do just fine. If you don’t have any sales experience then do your self a favour & get a temporary job preferably in the mobile

Some Tips For The Safe Use of Cell Phones And Batteries

1. Increase the life span of your cell phone and battery by following the manufacturer’s directions for using the phone and charging the battery.

2. Do not use incompatible cell phone batteries and chargers. Some Web sites and second-hand dealers, not associated with reputable manufacturers and carriers, might be selling incompatible or even counterfeit batteries and chargers.

3. You should purchase manufacturer or carrier recommended products and accessories wherever possible. If unsure about whether a replacement battery or charger is compatible, contact the manufacturer of the battery or charger.

4. Do not permit a battery out of the phone to come in contact with metal objects, such as coins, keys or jewellery.

5. Do not crush, puncture or put a high degree of pressure on the battery as this can cause an internal short-circuit, resulting in overheating.

6. Avoid dropping the cell phone. Dropping it, especially on a hard surface, can potentially cause damage to the phone and battery. If you suspect damage to the phone or battery, take it to a service center for inspection.

7. Do not place the phone in areas that may get very hot, such as on or near a cooking surface, cooking appliance, iron, or radiator.

8. Do not get

Tips When Shopping For Wholesale Cell Phone Accessories

If there is 1 main benefit to emerge from the evolution of e-commerce, then it is the fact that consumers now have access to a range of goods which are available at wholesale prices. With numerous online outlets now reselling goods from thousands of manufacturers within a single online space, it is possible for consumers to save both time and money by procuring items in bulk and at considerable financial savings. When purchasing accessories for your mobile phone however, there are certain tips that help you identify reputable sites and secure the very best savings possible.

How to Make Wholesale Outlets Work for You

Identifying a Genuine Wholesaler: No concept is without its pitfalls, and e-commerce has unfortunately spawned several websites which fail to deliver their promises. You should never purchase your accessories from a resource that does not include its address and contact details prominently, or offer a clear policy on returning items. Similarly, genuine wholesale websites also offer items at a cost far below the recommended retail price.

Make Sure That you Offered a Guarantee on Your Purchases: Websites that offers goods at wholesale prices obtain their stock through various means, and although quality is a must some products may have

Buying and Caring Tips for Cell Phone Accessories

If you want to buy a cell phone accessory, it would be a great idea to buy it online. The online market is filled with lots of great deals on products and services including accessories for mobile phones. Not only that, it is also quicker and more convenient because you no longer have to leave home to make your purchase. All you have to do is to surf the internet and look for a reputable store.

With so many choices to pick from, you won’t have difficulty in finding the cell phone accessory that you need. Whether you need a cell phone case, a ribbon lanyard, Bluetooth headset or any other accessory, you’re sure to find it online. Of course, buying is just half of the story. After you’ve made the right purchase, the next step for you is to care for the accessory so that it would last a long time. Below, you will find excellent tips on buying and caring for these accessories that you should always keep in mind.

Buying Tips
As mentioned earlier, you need to find a reliable store where you can buy the accessory that you need for your phone. You can start by going to

5 Tips On Personalizing Your Mobile Phone

Style statements now encompass mobile phones too! All over the world the functional mobile phone has become an accessory to fashion styles and men, women, and kids find innovative and distinct ways to personalize their mobiles. A mobile is supposed to be as unique and stylish as its user, it is personalized such that it mirrors the character and style choices of its owner.

If you have a mobile that supports MP3 ringtones and learn how to transfer data from your desktop to the mobile device then you are your own artist.

Did you know:

1. You can create your own ringtones from CD tracks on your computer and then install the individualistic ring tones by using software such as Tone This. You can edit sound tracks or clips to the length and mix you want and then send it to the phone as a downloadable file. Make sure your handset is compatible and can handle the changes and files. Ringtone websites always list phone models that can do the needful.

2. CD tracks can be converted or edited using “free” audio programs from shareware sites like HitSquad and Audio Utilities.

3. You could make use of open source programs like Audacity which

How to Extend Battery Life for Android Phone

Android Smart phone is becoming more and more advanced. However, bigger screen and more features can drain down your battery power quickly. As we all know that battery is an indispensable accessory for cell phone, which can do nothing without it. It is impossible that you can charge your phone by charger anytime. So you should follow some useful power-saving tips and tricks to extend your battery life.

Steps to Extend Battery Life in Manual

Step 1 Manage Running Apps

You may think you have turn off one running app completely by pressing home button, but actually it is still running in the background to drain out your battery power. So you should turn off those apps completely that no longer need to run in the background with a task manager or killer to save your power.

Step 2 Reduce Screen Brightness

Go to Settings >Sound & Display > Brightness to adjust the brightness to a suitable level. Please keep in mind that the higher of the level the more power will be drained out. So try to turn down the brightness as low as possible only if you can see the display well.

Step 3 Shorten Screen Timeout

The shorter of the screen timeout, the

Preventing Car Theft Using Your Common Sense And Gadgets

Not many will agree that car theft is avoidable. Or at least there is a way for us to make car theft more difficult to deter potential trouble makers.

Assuming you follow simple common sense protocols while parking your car, we can safely say that you could easily outwit a potential thief by securing your car. Before touching on how you could secure a car, let us briefly enumerate little common sense tips that could help you build a level of resistance against any attempted car robbery.

To begin with, you should never leave your keys in the car. If you have briefly disembarked from your car for a hiatus, make sure that your car’s ignition is off and the keys are with you. Some people do have a tendency to leave the engine on idling mode while they take a brief hiatus.

Keeping your vehicle registration papers in the car is making life easy for the robber, and it will ensure that your stolen vehicle gets disposed off sooner than you could think of. Keep the car registration papers with your own self.

Ensuring the health of your car means you are ruling out situations where you could be left stranded on

Tips and Gadgets to Help Get You Through the Morning Commute

Here are some tips to help your morning commute go by faster, be more productive and more enjoyable:

Use a GPS Device

A GPS device can help make sure you don’t get lost, avoid traffic and save time getting to your destination by giving you the best route to take. Typical GPS devices include features like full color maps, driving directions in audio, traffic stats and much more. Popular GPS devices include the TomTom GO, Garmin Nuvi, Navigon, Mio and Magellan Maestro. GPS devices aren’t just for people on the bleeding edge of technology anymore, ordinary people who drive a lot are also finding them very useful.

Take Your MP3 Player

You can hook just about any MP3 player up to your car stereo with a simple transmitter attachment. Set it to shuffle and you don’t have to be bothered with Kooky’s Morning Zoo again. Stock your MP3 player up with lots of audio books and fresh podcasts that interest you to avoid typical talk radio.

Use a Hands Free Phone

It’s now illegal in many states to drive and talk on the phone at the same time, and with good reason. People talking on the phone tend to not be paying attention to the

Smart Phone Buying Tips and Electronic Gadgets

There are many different reasons for someone to purchase a Smart Phone. It could be because of business, or they may need a smart phone for different reasons. Here are some smartphone buying tips for you to consider when looking at smartphones. First, before you purchase a phone, you need to know the characteristics of the phone such as OS, shape and size, and intuitiveness. You will also need to understand your reasons for purchasing a phone of this sort and what features that you will be utilizing when you are using the phone.

You may also need to decide on a carrier, what type of plans you will need for your new phone, type and style of smart phone, features that you need and want as well as use, your definition of “Unlimited” and if you will be texting or emailing or both. These are some of the main considerations that you have to understand before you can purchase a phone that will fit your needs and requirements. Other considerations with the smartphone will be the operating system, memory, screen, Bluetooth options, GPS, recording capacity such as audio and video and Wi-Fi options.

Carrier options, synchronization options and programs availability

Choosing The Best Bluetooth Headsets

One of the many amazing innovations that the cellular phone industry has integrated into its many available accessories to maximize functionality is the technology known as Bluetooth. And among the many products that this technology has popularized are headsets. The years of developments and innovations have resulted to the best Bluetooth headsets and this are just a click away from smart consumers.

Bluetooth works by connecting two or more gadgets enabling them to exchange or permit the flow of data without the hassles of linking wires and enjoy wireless use at short range even through walls. With the best Bluetooth headsets, the technology works by letting users make and accept calls hands-free through their mobile phone or listen to music from a cell phone or computer. These can be done while walking around, driving or doing other things, thus promoting multi-tasking.

There are several considerations that you can make use of to ensure that you get the best Bluetooth headsets. Given are several helpful tips and factors that can also prove beneficial when shopping for other discount cell phone accessory.

1. The Cost. Be able to see beyond the price tag and weight if the quality and functionality of the product is reasonable.

A Complete Guide on How to Save Your Telephone Bills

Telephone system was a great invention by mankind. It used to cost a lot during the olden days. But thankfully, in the modern society of today, costs have been much lower due to increasing competitors in the communication industry. This is exactly why you must ensure you are paying the least for phone services. With a little of research and homework for your part, it is relatively easy to find a suitable phone plan.

Compare and analyze all phone company plans

In most cases, you would have to switch companies to foot a more affordable bill. But there is a way to reduce your costs significantly with your current phone company. How is this possible? Just subscribe to a better plan that they have. For your information, telecommunication is a tough industry. Competition is high all the time. Due to this, you could find a new marketing plan designed to attract customers every few months or so. Make sure you find the lowest cost one.

One thing about hand phones or cell phones are that they are seen everywhere. Almost everyone has a mobile phone these days. You could now make a call from anywhere in the world, using this portable handheld

You Can Save Your Business Money by Using VoIP Telephones

VoIP is quickly climbing to the top of the communications technology ladder, and rightfully so VoIP services are fast, easy and convenient. They allow people to connect in so many ways, both professionally and personally. A grandmother in Hong Kong can read her grandchildren in Maine a bedtime story; a CEO on vacation in Spain could direct his employees in Sydney. More and more businesses are using it and if yours isn’t, here’s why it should:

VoIP telephone systems are much cheaper than regular phone systems. This includes long distance phone services because VoIP phone services use the Internet as their connection, they can charge the same rates for long distance calls as local calls. Think about it: it doesn’t cost anything to video-chat with someone three towns away; nor does it cost anything to video-chat with someone three states away. The same applies to VoIP business services.

VoIP telephone service providers are also far more convenient, and you get a lot more options. With any company you can choose from a number of plans, many of which are customizable to fit your needs exactly plus you can choose from a variety of VoIP methods:

IP phones, for example, look much like

Top Tips to Keep Down the Cost of Your Phone Maintenance

In tough economic times, people are keen to try and reduce their costs. Here are a few ideas relating to phone maintenance:

Keep your system relatively up-to-date – telephone service engineers and service companies may charge higher sums to provide cover for antiquated and obsolete systems, simply because they may be that much harder to understand and fix (and finding spare parts may become progressively more difficult and expensive over time);

Avoid crisis management costs and take out a maintenance contract – it is typically less cost-effective to deal with engineers and support providers on an ad-hoc crisis call, as opposed to contracted basis, so bite the bullet and put a contract in place that guarantees you stated service levels whilst at the same time, capping your costs;

Accept the modest cost of period routine maintenance – if qualified service personnel check and maintain your system regularly, you may be able to reduce the likelihood of running into technical problems that prove expensive and disruptive to resolve;

Train your own people – there are numerous examples of real-life instances where expensive support engineers have been called out to a fault only to find upon arrival that (e.g.) the system had simply not been switched

7 Handy Tips for Hassle Free Telephone Operation

Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew when something was going to break the day before it did? You could be proactive and take the necessary precautions so when the inevitable did happen you were well prepared. Unfortunately, it does not work that way. When it comes to telephone systems and telephone service there are a few things you can do that just may have you looking like a genius when the unavoidable does strike. Here are a few tips.

Have a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) or full battery back up connected to your telephone system. When you lose power, you lose your phone system. Back up power will allow you to answer incoming calls; specifically service and sales calls during a power outage. If you have an automated attendant, you can change the incoming message letting your customers know that you will be closed due to inclement weather while still allowing them to leave a message.

Be able to test the integrity of your outside lines. A dead line or one with static can be caused by the phone system or it could be an issue with your Network Service Provider (NSP). In order to avoid confusion, finger pointing and unnecessary

5 Tips for Improving Communication With Remote Staff

Working remotely can be challenging. For managers who have to oversee several remote employees, it is worth bearing in mind that it can also be difficult for the employee. There are, however, a few simple things that every business can put in place to ensure that their remote employees not only feel valued and appreciated, but they also get the most out of their working day too. From implementing the correct business phone systems to keeping in touch on a regular basis we’ve got a great range of tips no manager wants to miss:

Be consistent with remote meeting times
It’s a good idea to set regular catch ups with remote staff. That may consist of everyone participating in a conference call once a month as well as one-on-one catch ups between an employee and their manager. It’s a good idea to keep these regular and on time so that remote workers can prepare, feel informed and involved in what’s going on. It also means that you too have a constant date and time in your calendar and can prepare to discuss important topics with your remote staff.

Getting staff together or visiting employees working remotely
Make time to visit staff

Tips on How to Select Business Office Phone Systems

When you are establishing a new business venture, the first thing you need to consider is investing in a good business telephone product that will simplify your communication process between you, your staff and customers. Using such a system will boost the image of your company and give your organization a professional feel. Most of them may argue that with the availability of a computer and an internet a telephone system may not be of much use. However, contrary to such arguments, business office phone systems are highly important as they quicken the communication process and offer better features.

How to Buy Phone Systems for Small Business?

A good telephone system can become the single most important office equipment and investing in a product like that should be your first priority. However, how do you know which one is the best for your type of business set up? Some of the things that you need to ask your self are; what are the features you want in your phone system, where you want to place the system in your office, how big it should be, how much it would cost you, is it possible to upgrade the system of your

The 5 Smartest Things You Can Do When Buying a Telephone System

Independent telecom experts, almost without exception, will agree that the single most important thing new phone system buyers need, if they are to choose the best phone system for their organization, is dependable telecom information.

The most common roadblock between the system buyer and maximum system efficiency and economy of his new system is that the very person he most often depends on for good, honest telecom information-his vendor rep-is the person least likely to give him unbiased, unfiltered information. Sales reps have only one responsibility: SELL, SELL, SELL.

If you are planning to buy and install a new phone system and you depend on authentic, unbiased information, here are 5 tips that can help you get it:

Tip 1 – Work with Independent Telecom Advisors

Industry savvy advisors who are truly independent receive no personal gain from your choosing a particular system or service provider. These professionals have resources and experience in the telecom industry and have ways of getting solid information that is not available to you, the buyer. Almost without exception, their information will not only get you a better system and more reliable service, but the money they save you will pay for more than the small consulting fee